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There is no need to hear from us…. Here's what a well-resourced professional coach, Patrick Ezeji, has to say!

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As much as we would love to mentor and help so many candidates achieve their goals, we are only able to make special provisions for the number we can manage for the time being. We are only accepting 100 candidates for the entire year.

  • Are you a student striving for success in the digital marketing industry?
  • Do you require valuable skills that could forever impact your career goals and give you an edge above your peers?
  • Are you an entrepreneur or working class seeking opportunities for useful collaborations within tech communities, self-employment and business ventures?

Maybe you Enjoy expressing yourself through creative outlets such as content creation, design, and writing but face challenges in accessing the necessary technology and tools required for digital learning and work.

…Well if you are determined to make these aspirations into a reality in the year 2024, then you are on the right page!

From personal experiences, Getting the right training is often faced with a series of challenges.

Here’s a few you might have encountered;

Financial Constraints: Many students and small business owners may struggle with limited financial resources, making it challenging to invest in Digital education and training programs.

Time Constraints: Juggling professional responsibilities, personal commitments, and learning can be a significant challenge.

Juggling Multiple Roles: Many students may be balancing education with part-time work, family responsibilities, or running small businesses, making it difficult to allocate time for additional training.

Limited Mentorship: Students and young entrepreneurs may lack mentorship opportunities, making it challenging to navigate the complexities of the digital landscape.

Limited Professional Networks: Building a strong professional network can be difficult, especially for those who are just starting their careers or businesses.

Limited practical opportunities: Every business/client  requires at least any level of experience to validate your capabilities and as such, fresh digital marketing graduates often face the challenge of securing opportunities to practicalize what they have learnt.

First Digitals Internship is not just a digital marketing training program; it is a grooming and mentorship platform that exposes the participants to hands-on experience, exposure to live projects, the opportunity to work with teams and build leadership skills, using industry-relevant curriculum, and personalized career guidance.

…And guess what? It’s 100% Free for our shortlisted applicants!

You are only expected to pay a project tools fee of #20,000 to facilitate premium tools and apps required for your participation every quarter. 

However, keep in mind that we can only make reservations for just 100 candidates this year, and though the application is free, we can only shortlist 100 approved candidates! Grab this offer while it is available!

Here's what our previous batch interns have to say!

Get the life changing opportunity to be tutored by expert coaches with over 8 years of experience on the field.

Our training covers 360 Digital marketing, 

Comprehensive curriculum covering SEO, social media marketing, content creation, and analytics, campaign strategy, web designing, email marketing, Google marketing and analytics.

Training Duration: Extensive 1 year intensive program

Be one of the first few to be considered for the programme Offer


First Digitals provided an immersive and practical learning experience for me — Learning directly from skilled coaches during the live sessions and engaging in multiple hands-on projects shortly after has significantly expanded my capabilities in managing end-to-end marketing strategies effectively. I am genuinely thankful to the agency and enthusiastic about putting my enhanced capabilities into action.

Nkoli Os'kar

My time with FDMA was an enlightening one, the quality of the internship is best experienced. Through the internship, I was able to gain in-depth knowledge of every area in the field and got practical experience as well.


I had the privilege of interning with First Digital Agency, and it was a transformative experience that significantly enhanced my skills and understanding of the digital landscape. The hands-on projects I worked on not only allowed me to apply theoretical knowledge but also exposed me to
real-world challenges. The supportive and collaborative environment fostered my growth, and the guidance from the talented team was invaluable. I am grateful for the opportunity and believe this internship has been a pivotal stepping stone in my professional journey.


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